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Part of the ease of a stay in the Village at Breckenridge is the convenience of our on-site dining. Whether you need a cup of gourmet coffee first thing in the morning, a hearty lunch, or a nightcap to close the evening, you won't have to go far to find it. Guests of Breckenridge Hospitality may charge food and beverage purchases at Park Avenue Pub directly to their room bill.

Park Avenue Pub

The Park Avenue Pub invites guests to unwind after a long day of mountain activities, sit back and converse amongst friends.  Visit us for a drink, a late-night snack, or pre-function appetizer. The Pub features the best collection of Colorado craft spirits and microbrews as well as great prices on your old favorites. The Pub Menu offers a variety of items served through closing, including our signature homemade chicken wings.  Don't forget to stop by for the daily happy hour specials.

Click here for our Drink List.

After a day on the slopes, enjoy apres ski a the Pub!  Thursday - Saturday you will find live music from 4-6pm & Happy Hour specials from 3-5pm & again from 9-10pm!

The Park Avenue Pub is the perfect spot for a drink or meal in summer time as well.  Click here for winter hours.

The Maggie (open winter only)

Food court style lunch is served daily from 10:30am-2:30pm. The Maggie is also a bustling apre`s ski hangout from 3:00-6:00pm, known for its huge family style nachos plates, entertainment and daily drink specials! Located at the base of Peak 9 by the Quicksilver Super6™.  Need a break?  Relax on the new deck and get your fill of people watching while soaking up the sun.

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