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Official Lodging Properties Of Breckenridge Ski Resort

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Resort Fee - $35/night resort fee, which includes parking, internet access, and other services and amenities, any additional vehicle(s) is $40/day. Check-in / Check-out - The Peak 9 Inn building lobby on South Park Avenue is the front desk check-in area for the Village Hotel. Check-in is after 4:00 P.M. Check-out time is 11:00 A.M., with luggage storage available. Children - The Village Hotel is ideal for families year-round, as we are just steps away from ski school, child care and town activities. Crib rental and Children's Ski and Ride School reservations are available by advance request. Child care reservations may be made through the concierge. Guest Activities - Sleigh rides, snowmobiling, airport and ground transportation, golf and childcare are among the activities for which advance reservations are suggested, and in many instances, required; policies do vary. You can book your selected activities in advance by calling 970-547-5781 for concierge service. Other activities within the resort include the fitness center, pool and hot tubs, dining and nightlife. Pets - Dogs are allowed in the Village Hotel with advance notification, a $35 nightly fee per dog. Special Requests - All preferences for location, bedding, and specific units will be noted. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee such preference requests. Rollaway beds may be requested at check in. Substitution of Comparable Accommodations - In the event of unforeseen maintenance requirements, or over sale of a specific unit type, Village Hotel reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations for the dates of the guest's occupancy, provided the guest is not charged a higher rental rate than the accommodation type originally requested.


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[ { "image": "/media/4870/VAB-Exterior-Night-with-Town-2013_gallery.jpg", "thumb": "/media/4870/vab-exterior-night-with-town-2013_gallery_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263210/breckresort_vab_newlobby_013-1.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263210/breckresort_vab_newlobby_013-1_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263217/breckresort_vab_newlobby_016-1.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263217/breckresort_vab_newlobby_016-1_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263238/breckresort_vab_checkin.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263238/breckresort_vab_checkin_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263252/breckresort_vab_luggagecart.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263252/breckresort_vab_luggagecart_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2441/VH_king_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2441/vh_king_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2442/VH_king2_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2442/vh_king2_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2443/VH_kingsleeper_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2443/vh_kingsleeper_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2444/VH_kingsleeper2_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2444/vh_kingsleeper2_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2445/VH_kingsleeper3_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2445/vh_kingsleeper3_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2446/VH_2double_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2446/vh_2double_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2447/VH_2double2_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2447/vh_2double2_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2725/VAB_pub_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2725/vab_pub_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/2726/VAB_winter_exterior_800x600.jpg", "thumb": "/media/2726/vab_winter_exterior_800x600_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/4866/vab_pool_gallery.jpg", "thumb": "/media/4866/vab_pool_gallery_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/4867/VAB-Condo-Exterior-and-Mountain-Summer_gallery.jpg", "thumb": "/media/4867/vab-condo-exterior-and-mountain-summer_gallery_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/4868/VAB-Exterior-Day-Winter_gallery.jpg", "thumb": "/media/4868/vab-exterior-day-winter_gallery_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/4869/VAB-Exterior-Night-with-Lift_gallery.jpg", "thumb": "/media/4869/vab-exterior-night-with-lift_gallery_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263245/breckresort_vab_family.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263245/breckresort_vab_family_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263231/breckresort_vab_villagelobby.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263231/breckresort_vab_villagelobby_thumb.jpg", "title": "" }, { "image": "/media/263224/breckresort_vab_staff.jpg", "thumb": "/media/263224/breckresort_vab_staff_thumb.jpg", "title": "" } ]